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What is Aim ProShop?

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Reduce and Control Costs

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What is Aim ProShop?

Aim ProShop is an innovative service centered around professional shop management. In it, we utilize our decades of successful fleet maintenance and shop management to streamline your on-site shop. We do this by assuming the responsibilities and operation of your truck maintenance facility. This allows you to take advantage of our proven history in successful shop management, technician training and retention programs, negotiated rates on parts and more.

ProShop Benefits

  • Hiring, retaining and training professional, certified technicians
  • Increased fleet uptime and overall vehicle longevity
  • Improved CSA scores
  • Better fleet repair and cost visibility
  • Support center assistance for all employees
  • Cheaper parts pricing
  • The latest tools and diagnostic equipment
  • Less administrative work
  • Access to Aim's 24/7-365 Road Rescue service
  • Focus more on your core business
  • Complete transparency
  • You remain in control; we just manage

Why Would You Need Aim ProShop Services?

  • You’re undergoing a cost-cutting campaign company-wide or evaluating opportunities for cost-savings.
  • You feel your mechanics and maintenance personnel aren’t performing to their maximum capacity, or they lack access to the resources to keep them up to date with new and improved equipment maintenance practices.
  • Your company finds it difficult to keep up with the high-tech training required to maintain a fleet.
  • You feel the cost of your maintenance, parts, tires, shop tools and diagnostic equipment are spiraling out of control and hurting your bottom line, or you don’t have KPIs in place to measure performance.
  • You are fnding your CSA scores are reaching, or are at, dangerous levels, which could jeopardize your entire operation.
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Reduce and Control Costs

Operational costs are always a key concern for business owners whether it’s reducing or controlling them. For example, processing one invoice can cost between $13-30 each. Through an in-depth cost analysis, Aim can show you, line by line, how we can reduce and control the cost of your fleet maintenance operation.

With decades of experience, we know what to look for, how to eliminate excess spending, where and how to efficiently allocate spending, and what to cut and keep in a budget. Also, Aim is part of a large industry network with access to suppliers and prices that may not be available to you. With Aim ProShop, our savings become your savings.

Visibility & Transparency

Businesses should know what they’re spending every step of the way. With Aim ProShop you’ll see it all including repairs, parts and labor.

To start, we perform a detailed cost analysis with information provided by you. You’ll receive an itemized list breaking down all facets of your fleet maintenance operation. Then, we compare it with what you would be spending by partnering with us. We believe in transparency, so you’ll never worry about hidden costs or mark-ups. We’ll even show you our profit. Every month, you receive a single, itemized bill detailing every penny and where it was spent.

Aim Unit P&L Report for April
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We Manage It
You Control It

While Aim oversees your daily fleet maintenance, you are always in control of it. Even though your maintenance employees become Aim employees, they retain their current salary levels, vacation time and seniority. Aim takes over the administrative responsibilities and liability, including workers’ compensation, for those employees.

Fewer Administrative Challenges

Take a moment to consider all the moving parts your fleet maintenance operation needs including employees, parts, tools and diagnostic equipment, oil, tires, etc. That’s a lot of variables and spending to track. What if every month you could get all of it in a single consolidated invoice? That’s what you’ll get with Aim ProShop, so you always know exactly what you’re spending with an itemized bill.

Our human resources department is also available to handle any employee-related responsibilities or issues. This frees up additional resources and allows you to focus more on your core business.

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Mechanic working on tire rims and axle

Leading-Edge Diagnostic and Repair Equipment

Trucks are complex machines. Today’s vehicles aren’t just operated by drivers; they’re driven by technology. The days of technicians firing up a truck and diagnosing it by ear are over. Now, technicians need the latest repair and diagnostic equipment to address the complexity of modern vehicles.

Partnering with Aim ProShop relieves you of this burden. We ensure your fleet is diagnosed and repaired with the latest, most-efficient equipment to keep your business moving. And as technology changes, so will we. Ensuring you’re never left behind.


The ever-evolving transportation industry can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with. New technologies that increase efficiency and comfort are regularly introduced which is great for businesses and drivers. But, for technicians, that requires an ongoing, technical expertise is needed to keep fleets up and running.

With Aim ProShop, we make sure your technicians are prepared to diagnose and repair whatever problem comes through the shop doors. We continually increase the expertise of all technicians, keeping them up-to-date with industry demands as well as your business. We also train service managers to make optimum decisions for your vehicles and fleet operation.

Aim Mechanic working on a wheel

Aim is a One-Stop Solution for Your Fleet Challenges

Customers are evolving. You’re evolving. And, luckily for you, so is Aim. In an ever-changing climate of specialized products, demands and services, Aim offers the innovation and flexibility to take your business where it needs to go.

While being one of the largest commercial vehicle leasing companies in the United States, Aim is small enough to offer the unique attention your business deserves.

So no matter what you do, what you’re transporting or where you’re taking it, we’ve been delivering reliable, cost-effective transportation solutions for over 100 years. That’s why, from coast to coast, businesses transport with Aim.

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Aim is a proud member of NationaLease, one of the largest full-service truck leasing organizations in North America. This means you get the combined strength and resources of more than 150 businesses acting as one to provide unparalleled services.

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