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Kevin Reed Named Corporate Trainer
Posted on 10/24/2023 07:08 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is excited to announce that after joining the company as a diesel mechanic in 2020, Kevin Reed has been promoted to Corporate Trainer. 

Kevin grew up around trucks and heavy equipment and knew at a young age that he wanted to work with them one day. He attended school at New Castle School of Trades where he trained under Dean Kennedy, Aim’s Director of Warranty and Training, and obtained his associate degree in heavy-duty repair. 

As a corporate trainer, Kevin will help with the ongoing continued education and training of Aim diesel mechanics. 

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Alanna McBride Named Quality Assurance Specialist
Posted on 10/11/2023 02:08 PM

Alanna McBride.Aim Transportation Solutions is excited to announce the promotion of Alanna McBride to Quality Assurance Specialist.

Alanna started with Aim as a spec writer and quickly showed how vital she was to Aim’s software developmental team. She has a degree in technical writing and formerly taught technology and English classes at a private school.

“Alanna excelled right out of the gate. She started working only part-time and moved to a full-time role after a few months. She started taking on more tasks such as training and quality assurance,” said VP of Software Development, Dan Kellgren.

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Matt Svancara Named to COO of Aim Leasing Company
Posted on 10/06/2023 02:40 PM

In an exciting new development for Aim Transportation Solutions, a family-owned and -operated provider of commercial fleet service, the company is pleased to announce the appointment of Matt Svancara to Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Aim Leasing Company. With an extraordinary track record of success, a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies of the transportation industry, Svancara is poised to play an even more important role in Aim’s ongoing growth, expansion and overall success.

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Chad Bauer Named to Used Trucks Operations Manager
Posted on 10/03/2023 05:47 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce the promotion of Chad Bauer to Used Trucks Operations Manager. Chad started with Aim in 2010 as a diesel mechanic. From there, he was promoted to shop foreman and flourished in this role before receiving this well-deserved promotion. 

In Chad’s new position, he will play a crucial role in used truck sales, coordinating between shops and overseeing prep times. He will also be managing the quarterly and annual reviews on technicians in the used trucks shops. 

Chad said, “I like working at Aim because every day presents itself a new challenge that you have to work through. Each day you learn something new.” 

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Joseph Hodges Named Mobile Applications Engineer
Posted on 09/20/2023 01:36 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is excited to announce the promotion of Joseph Hodges to Mobile Applications Engineer. Joseph started with Aim in 2013, as a Junior Engineer, and every day since he has proven how vital he is to Aim’s MIS team and Aim’s overall mission. 

In Joe’s new position, the major focus will be leading the development of the Aim Navigator iOS app, as well as training and overseeing any junior iOS developers brought onto the project. It will be his responsibilities to suggest and oversee any new technologies brought into the iOS app and keeping the iOS Aim Navigator app up to date with the latest technologies Apple brings to the platform. 

“Along with this new responsibility, I will also continue to rotate between various technologies, applications, and problem spaces at Aim,” Joe said.


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Jill Forame Guy Named Process Improvement Specialist
Posted on 09/15/2023 05:58 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce the promotion of Jill Forame Guy to Process Improvement Specialist. Jill started her career with Aim in 1987 as a receptionist. She worked as a receptionist for a few years then made the move over to the accounting department and has been there ever since. 

During Jill’s time at Aim, she has worked in many different areas and along with many different apartments. She has loved the people that she has been able to meet along the way. 

In Jill’s new role, she will be working to see where Aim can make changes or improvements in challenging areas. 


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Alexander Smith Named Mobile Applications Engineer
Posted on 09/14/2023 05:35 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is excited to announce the promotion of Alexander Smith to Mobile Applications Engineer. 

Alexander graduated from Youngstown State University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and started his career with Aim three years ago as an intern. 

In his new position, Alexander will be responsible for managing the Android Aim Navigator app. That includes, but not limited to, producing new features, improving performance, and keeping up with the latest Android policy changes.

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Jessica Albert Named Senior Warranty Manager
Posted on 09/11/2023 12:29 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is delighted to declare Jessica Albert's well-deserved promotion to the position of Senior Warranty Manager. Jessica embarked on her journey with Aim in 2015, diligently advancing through the ranks, initially starting as a Warranty Clerk.

Jessica's daily responsibilities involve supervising the warranty department's operations and collaborating with field personnel to maximize warranty-related revenue recovery. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in facilitating company claim submissions.

Jessica says her favorite part about working at Aim is that everyone works together and everyone is willing to help out. Without one, the other wouldn’t be able to do their job.

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Matt Walker Named Regional Maintenance Director
Posted on 09/08/2023 03:53 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce the promotion of Matt Walker to Regional Maintenance Director. Matt started his career with Aim as a diesel mechanic; from there, he was promoted to shop foreman, then warranty manager, and now holds the title of Regional Maintenance Director.

Matt always enjoyed working with things hands-on, which set him on the path to becoming a diesel mechanic.

“Matt has been exceptional in every position he has held within the company,” said Director of Maintenance East, Steve Shacklock. “His ability to lead and grow a team will fit well with the members of Region 2.”

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Dean Kennedy Named Director of Warranty and Training
Posted on 08/31/2023 03:53 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is pleased to announce the promotion of Dean Kennedy to Director of Warranty and Training. Dean brings 33 years of industry experience, and in those 33 years, Dean has worn many hats on both the warranty and maintenance side that have helped him get to where he is today. 

Beginning with Aim in 2018 as a repair advocate, Dean has routinely proven himself vital to Aim and the service we provide our valued customers. It wasn’t long before this was reflected in a promotion to Corporate Training Manager, the role he held prior to his well-deserved promotion.

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