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Aim Attends NationaLease Dedicated Logistics Summit and Sales Meeting
Posted on 12/05/2023 05:29 PM

Senior Vice Preside of Safety, Ron Bourque, presenting.In the fast-paced world of the transportation industry, staying ahead requires more than just adhering to the status quo. It demands collaboration, innovation and a forward-thinking approach. Aim Transportation Solutions, a prominent player in the transportation industry, recently showcased its commitment to these principles alongside NationaLease and fellow member companies at Nationalease’s Dedicated Logistics Summit and Sales Meeting.

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Aim CHRO Patty Durkin’s Accomplishments Land Her in the Marquis Who’s Who
Posted on 11/28/2023 08:15 PM

Headshot of Aim CHRO Patty DurkinAim Transportation Solutions’ Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Patty Durkin, has been inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who and shortly after was notified that she also is included in Who’s Who Top Professional Series for her numerous noteworthy accomplishments along with her high visibility and prominence in the human resources field.

Since 1899, Marquis Who’s Who has chronicled the lives of the most accomplished individuals and innovators from every significant field of endeavor, including politics, business, medicine, law, education, art, religion and entertainment. This year, Marquis celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2023, and Who’s Who in America® remains an essential biographical source for thousands of researchers, journalists, librarians and executive search firms around the world.

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Winter Truck Driving Presents Many Challenges
Posted on 11/27/2023 09:00 PM

Image advertising Safe Winter Truck Driving Best Practices Webinar

Whether you're a business owner or a driver yourself, we encourage you to sign up for our free, Safe Winter Truck Driving Best Practices Webinar, happening Dec. 5 at 3:00 PM (EST). At that time, Aim Safety Manager John Rugarber will take attendees through the dos and don'ts of navigating tough winter conditions with confidence, ensuring not only their own safety but also contributing to the overall well-being of the roadways they traverse and the protection of the cargo they carry.

Here are some common issues truck drivers face during the winter months:

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Navigating the Thanksgiving Traffic Maze
Posted on 11/21/2023 06:59 PM

Images of traffic jam.When we think of Thanksgiving, we typically think of the three Fs: family, friends and, of course, food. It’s a time to be grateful and spend precious time with loved ones. However, the challenge of navigating Thanksgiving traffic can be daunting, especially for truck drivers. However, with careful planning and a few effective strategies, truck drivers can ensure a smoother journey and maintain their sanity during this hectic time.

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Extraordinary Sponsorship Opportunities Available for 2024 Aim National Sales Meeting
Posted on 11/17/2023 04:53 PM

2024 Aim National Sales Meeting logoIf you would like a unique chance to get your company and product in front of Aim’s national sales team, then Aim’s 2024 National Sales Meeting: Drive Success is it! This multi-day event in Fort Myers, FL, is designed to celebrate Aim’s extraordinary 2023 sales year while laying the foundation for having another remarkable year in 2024.

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Truck Winterization Critical for Safe, Successful Winter Months
Posted on 11/15/2023 08:53 PM

Truck and trailer heading down snow-covered highwayAs winter approaches, truck drivers gear up for an added challenge. Cold temperatures, icy roads and snowstorms pose significant dangers. To ensure safety and efficiency during the winter months, it's crucial for companies operating commercial vehicles to prioritize winterization.

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Proposed CSA Changes Could Affect Your Operation
Posted on 11/13/2023 02:01 PM

Image advertising upcoming webinar on proposed CSA changesOne of the proposed changes to the CSA program includes a shift in focus from a score-based system to a prioritization approach. Instead of assigning specific scores to carriers in various safety categories, the new approach aims to prioritize interventions based on the carriers' safety performance.

This means that rather than relying solely on a numerical score, the FMCSA is exploring ways to better identify and target carriers with the highest safety risk. The prioritization approach considers various factors and data points to determine which carriers may pose the most significant safety concerns.

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Aim Partners with UserWay for Digital Inclusivity
Posted on 11/10/2023 02:59 PM

If you’ve recently visited the Aim Transportation Solutions website,, then you’ve probably noticed the blue accessibility icon hovering in the bottom left corner of the page. This unassuming button is actually a highly sophisticated and powerful piece of technology. More specifically, it’s UserWay’s AI-powered Accessibility Widget, known as the accessWidget, which is the most versatile solution of its kind on the market.

Aim has partnered with UserWay to ensure everyone is able to enjoy and benefit from the Aim website regardless of ability. This award-winning technology does this by simply “plugging into” the Aim website, giving visitors the ability to tailor their digital experience to their unique requirements through more than 50 innovative accessibility features.

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Kevin Reed Named Corporate Trainer
Posted on 10/24/2023 07:08 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is excited to announce that after joining the company as a diesel mechanic in 2020, Kevin Reed has been promoted to Corporate Trainer. 

Kevin grew up around trucks and heavy equipment and knew at a young age that he wanted to work with them one day. He attended school at New Castle School of Trades where he trained under Dean Kennedy, Aim’s Director of Warranty and Training, and obtained his associate degree in heavy-duty repair. 

As a corporate trainer, Kevin will help with the ongoing continued education and training of Aim diesel mechanics. 

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Aim CIO & VP of Technology Hits 30-Year Milestone with Aim
Posted on 10/24/2023 05:23 PM

Headshot of Aim CIO & VP of Technology, John ReedThere are many companies that offer commercial fleet services, but there is none as innovative, as customer focused and, frankly, as good as Aim Transportation Solutions. A huge part of Aim’s success is owed to one man’s game-changing technological prowess, big-picture vision and unwavering passion: Aim’s CIO and Vice President of Technology, John Reed.

John Reed recently celebrated his 30th anniversary at Aim, a feat that by itself speaks to his steadfast dedication to and enthusiasm for Aim and its mission. Since he came on board, Reed, and the remarkable team he’s assembled, has been setting the industry ablaze with technological innovation and envelope-pushing trends. For decades, he’s been a champion for Aim, his team members and the community where he lives and works.

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