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Aim Welcomes New Regional Director of Maintenance
Posted on 09/29/2022 06:29 PM

With nearly a decade of experience in the transportation industry, Jeremy will oversee maintenance operations at six Aim locations spanning across Eastern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and Georgia, including our corporate location in Youngstown, OH.

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Aim Counts on Local Talent to Fill Positions
Posted on 09/29/2022 06:24 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions, a leading national provider of commercial vehicles and services for more than 50 years, is pleased to welcome two new hires to the Accounting Department at our corporate headquarters in Youngstown, OH.

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Undisrupt Your Supply Chain with Aim
Posted on 09/26/2022 02:15 PM

“Supply Chain” seems to be the buzz word everyone wants to talk about. Supply chain disruptions have the ability to cause shortages on everything from toilet paper to electronics and toys to your Thanksgiving turkey. Between driver shortages, truck shortages and back-ups at the ports, every day brings a new challenge becoming increasingly frightening as the holidays quickly approach.

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Aim Provides Jade Sterling Control and Consistency
Posted on 09/26/2022 02:09 PM

Several parallels can be drawn between Jade Sterling Steel and Aim. To name a few: Both are headquartered in Northeast Ohio. Both have been in business for more than five decades. Both deeply value their employees along with the strength and experience they bring. And, most importantly, both have an unwavering commitment to the businesses who utilizes their goods and services. So, when they went shopping for dedicated fleet providers, Aim Integrated Logistics was a no-brainer.

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Aim and TEMA—A Multi-Generational Partnership
Posted on 09/26/2022 02:06 PM

Two family-owned and -operated businesses both headquartered in Youngstown, OH build a partnership that spans multiple generations. In big cities and other parts of the country this may be a foreign concept, but in Youngstown it’s just another day.

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Aim Fills Crucial Recruiting Role
Posted on 09/26/2022 01:42 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions, a family-owned and -operated provider of commercial trucks and transportation services for more than 50 years, welcomes Susan Baer to the role of director of recruiting. In this critical position, she will lead a team of talent acquisition specialists in hiring experienced, well-qualified individuals to ensure the continued success of Aim and its ability to meet the demands of its rapidly expanding and diverse customer base.

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Aim Phoenix Named Shop of the Year
Posted on 09/26/2022 01:37 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is proud to announce our Phoenix, AZ location as Best Overall Shop of the Year. Each year, Aim recognizes a top region as well as a top service manager, but this is the first time a single location has been recognized.“Phil [Vicinanza] and his team have worked incredibly hard to achieve this goal and I am pleased to be able to recognize their hard work,” said LeRoy Casali, Aim Regional Director of Maintenance. “He drives his team to consistently perform at top efficiency levels and they have risen to the occasion time and time again.”

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Aim Returns to Florida for National Sales Meeting
Posted on 09/26/2022 01:34 PM

The annual Aim National Sales Meeting, held every January, is an event for Aim Transportation Solution’s sales staff and executive team to celebrate the successes of the previous year and pave a strategic path into the new one.

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Aim Celebrates Truck Driver Appreciation Week
Posted on 09/22/2022 04:53 PM

If you bought it, a truck brought it. This short, familiar statement underscores how vital truck drivers are to our country. Nearly everything we depend on for our day-to-day lives took a ride on a truck. However, because a driver’s hard work and sacrifice happens behind the scenes, the magnitude of what they do can be taken for granted.

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ProShop Partnership with Slesnick Expands Already Strong Northeast Ohio Presence
Posted on 09/22/2022 02:45 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with S. Slesnick Company Recycling, further strengthening Aim’s already robust presence in Northeast Ohio, where Aim is headquartered and operated.

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