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Carli Kuntze Named VP of HR
Posted on 10/03/2022 06:25 PM

Aim Transportation Solutions is thrilled to announce the promotion of Carli Kuntze to Vice President of Human Resource. Coming on board in 2008, Kuntze entered Aim as an HR Assistant. Over the course of her 14-year career, she has vaulted through ranks, first moving into a supervisory position as the Human Resource Manager and then moving up to the Director of Human Resource and now transitioning to a vice president role.

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BBB Honors Aim with Torch Award
Posted on 10/03/2022 06:19 PM

The Better Business Bureau of Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana Counties, in Ohio, awarded Aim Transportation Solutions with the Torch Award for Marketplace Trust. These annual awards celebrate companies that have earned marketplace trust by operating with honesty and integrity, two core values on which Aim has proudly built its brand.

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Aim Holds Regional Maintenance Directors Meeting
Posted on 10/03/2022 06:03 PM

In order to uphold Aim’s unmatched brand of fleet maintenance services, communication and a unified mission are critical. So, bi-yearly, Aim holds a maintenance directors meeting to review goals, changes, new programs and whatever is necessary to keep the wrenches turning efficiently for Aim’s customers scattering the nation.

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Hensley Beverage Co Benefits from Aim ProShop
Posted on 09/30/2022 06:18 PM

Ten years of business partnership is a message unto itself. It’s one that demonstrates value, satisfaction and an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship. On that, Aim Transportation Solutions recently hit a landmark 10-year anniversary with one of many of its long-term customers: Hensley Beverage Company. Starting in 2010, Hensley has been benefitting from Aim’s ProShop service, a unique offering in which Aim assumes the responsibilities (and liability) of a business’s on-site fleet maintenance shop, and, in turn, the customer receives all the benefits of Aim’s decades of maintenance experience as well as its vast cost-cutting resource network.

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MLCo Trusts Its Dedicated Fleet Through Aim
Posted on 09/30/2022 06:14 PM

What underpins the years-long partnership between Aim and Michael Lewis Company (MLCo)? One word: Family.

Both companies are privately held and family owned, which, as Adam Kunz, manager at MLCo, suggests, forms a unique bond, one built on trust. “That family connection is very important to us,” he said, “something we hang our hats on.”

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Columbus Vegetable Oils Values Full-Service Lease
Posted on 09/30/2022 06:05 PM

In 2013, Columbus Vegetable Oils made a business decision the company’s general manager, John Healy, would classify as one marked by peace of mind and reliability: signing a full-service leasing contract with Aim.

“It’s a win-win,” Healy said. “They give me so much ease-of-mind that I know they’re watching my trucks, and I don’t have to worry about it.”

Healy goes on to mention the added value like scheduled maintenance, shop proximity and the overall dependability, like that of his salesmen, Aim Senior Account Executive John Matthews.

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Aim, Family Express Reimagine Delivery Process
Posted on 09/30/2022 05:54 PM

Longtime and valued Aim Integrated Logistics customer Family Express, an award-winning Indiana convenience store chain, was looking for a way to overhaul their delivery process. They had a primary goal in mind, which was to improve the quality of life for their drivers through safety and scheduling, triggering a collaborative effort to reimagine their delivery process and put it into action.

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Akron Hauler Turns to Aim ProShop
Posted on 09/30/2022 03:15 PM

Aim has taken on the maintenance responsibilities for an additional 100 tractors and 225 trailers, thanks to a new Aim ProShop agreement with General Transport Inc., a family-owned transportation and logistics company based in Akron, Ohio.

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Aim Transports 'A Handshake for the Century'
Posted on 09/30/2022 02:26 PM

On July 7, an Aim Transportation Solutions truck and driver winded down Interstate 80, crossing state lines, hauling from New York City to Youngstown, OH, a bronze statue immortalizing the “Handshake for the Century.”

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Aim, Wincore Align with Unified Goal: The Customer
Posted on 09/30/2022 01:41 PM

The success of Wincore, a manufacturer of best-in-class windows and doors, is borne out of a single, indispensable vision: create great, long-lasting customer relationships by creating great, long-lasting products. In that, Wincore and Aim, while committed to different industries, share an identical customer-first focus. It’s this united allegiance to the customer that drove Wincore to entrust Aim with its reputation.

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