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Aim Attends NationaLease Dedicated Logistics Summit and Sales Meeting

In the fast-paced world of the transportation industry, staying ahead requires more than just adhering to the status quo. It demands collaboration, innovation and a forward-thinking approach. Aim Transportation Solutions, a prominent player in the transportation industry, recently showcased its commitment to these principles alongside NationaLease and fellow member companies at Nationalease’s Dedicated Logistics Summit and Sales Meeting.

NationaLease is one of the largest truck rental and full-service leasing organizations in North America. It unites more than 120 companies, including Aim, under the NationaLease umbrella, giving customers access to superior, trusted and consistent service at more than one-thousand locations across the United States and Canada.

NationaLease’s multi-day event, a cornerstone of the organization’s calendar, brings together leaders, innovators and experts from member companies and the industry at large. Aim Transportation Solutions, known for its dedication to quality service and cutting-edge solutions, not only attended but took the stage more than once to share insights and explore the latest trends shaping the industry.

Chief Operating Officers for both of Aim’s divisions attended—Matt Svancara, Aim Leasing Company, and Dave Gurska, Aim Integrated Logistics—and they each brought some of the company’s best and brightest to represent Aim.

Joining COO Matt Svancara were Joe Telega, Aim Regional Vice President of Sales; Dan Fleming, Vice President of Sales Operations; Josh Lombardo, Director of Rental; Tim Hanley, Regional Vice President of Sales; Mike Chopp, Regional Vice President of Sales; and Mike Wall, Region Manager.

Joining COO Dave Gurska were Tom Reda, Senior Vice President of Integrated Sales; Brandon Stieb, Vice President of Operations; and Ron Bourque, Senior Vice President of Safety.

The event kicked off with the Dedicated Logistics Summit. As the logistics landscape continues to evolve at dizzying speeds, the meeting emphasized embracing innovation, technology and new strategies. Some of the major topics hit on were recruiting and retention, technology and logistics planning.

Aim’s SVP of Safety, Ron Bourque, took center stage to address another critical topic: the fusion of driver safety with advanced vehicle safety systems. A big homerun for Aim came a couple years back when Ron rolled out game-changing AI-powered Netradyne dash cameras in Aim’s dedicated fleet. This highly sophisticated technology monitors and assists drivers in real-time while also promoting positive driving behaviors. This move increased Aim’s overall safety metrics exponentially, and it’s elevated Aim’s safety-first culture to new heights with drivers fleet-wide buying in.

Senior Vice Preside of Safety, Ron Bourque, presenting.
Aim Senior Vice President of Safety, Ron Bourque, talks "Understanding Driver Safety & Advanced Vehicle Safety Systems" during day two of NationaLease's Dedicated Logistics Summit.

“I want to thank NationaLease for providing us a platform to showcase our commitment to innovation and excellence—Ron did an extraordinary job demonstrating our cutting-edge approach and unwavering devotion to safety,” said Dave Gurska, COO of Aim Integrated Logistics. “Beyond that, I’m just as grateful for NationaLease giving us the opportunity to gain valuable insight and new perspectives from professionals across the country.”

It goes without saying that as the transportation industry rapidly evolves so must sales and service. Whether government regulations, cyber security threats, the economy or any of the innumerable variables influencing this arena, it’s critical to remain proactive rather reactive. That’s why the NationaLease Sales Meeting was all about strategizing, securing and looking to the future.

This portion of the event included a dazzling array of topics ranging from EPA and CARB regulations to cyber attacks to sales strategies to everything in between. Another Aim all-star shared the spotlight during a Rental Sales Panel: Aim Director of Rental, Josh Lombardo.

Josh has more than 20 years of experience in the truck rental industry, six of which have been with Aim. He’s worked in nearly every facet of the business and knows it inside and out. His strategic vision and planning, continuous focus on customer experience, operational excellence and employee empowerment and development of how he’s taken Aim’s rental department to new heights and made him an ideal authority on all things rental during the roundtable discussion.

Aim Director of Rental, Josh Lombardo, participates in Rental Sales Panel.
Aim Director of Rental, Josh Lombardo, lends his expertise and years of experience during NationaLease's Rental Sales Panel.

“We at Aim are proud to say we have some of the industry’s best, brightest and most experienced, as Josh and Ron demonstrated during their respective presentations, and we’re honored to be counted as a few among many industry experts and thought leaders here,” said Matt Svancara, COO of Aim Leasing Company. 

The event’s grand finale featured Joe Gallick, Senior Vice President of Sales, NationaLease, sharing insights into the future of truck leasing and a networking dinner, providing a relaxed atmosphere for reflection and celebration.

“NationaLease is unique in that it brings together an incredibly diverse group of industry professionals under one roof, working together for the betterment of customers across the nation,” said Svancara. “This meeting exemplifies the value of that: These three days have been an intersection of collaboration and innovation—an invaluable give-and-take of great ideas and strategies—and we’re privileged to attend and contribute.”

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