Aim Trainers Get Close Looks at Navistar MaxxForce Engines

Aim trainers attending the Navistar engine training were, from left, Bill Fleig, Dave Williams, Rob Luiz, Robert Frick, Chad Phillips, Herb Jakubowski (corporate trainer) and Chris DiSantis (director of training).

Aim NationaLease’s regional trainers recently enjoyed the opportunity to tear down the new Navistar MaxxForce 11- and 13-liter engines.

For three days in Canton, Ohio, the trainers learned the intricacies of the new, top-of-the-line engines.

Herb Jakubowski, Corporate Trainer with Aim: “We were very excited to have manufacturing training. They had the latest tools, the latest engine. Everything was there and we were able to understand it.”

Now, the trainers will take what they learned and teach Aim’s technicians how to service the engines that are powering trucks across the country.

“We’re buying these engines every day now,” Herb said. “It’s a new engine that we were unfamiliar with.” The MaxxForce engines, which boast peak toque of 1,000 rpm and are the only Class 8 compacted-graphite iron block engines, stand apart from their competitors.

Chris DiSantis, Corporate Training Director: “Our Rep wanted to get more people trained so we can do more in-house work. We were looking for training, he had the trailer, it all came into place. They designed the class, we just showed up for it.”

As a result, Aim technicians will be better equipped.

“It will help us diagnose better, and we’ll get them back on the road quicker for our customers,” Chris said.

Aim Employees Secure Training and Safety

Chris DiSantis, Aim Director of Training, said Aim’s regional maintenance directors selected one diesel technician from each facility to pursue the training during March and April.

Each diesel technician secured 12 hours of training, primarily online, to achieve certification, following an online test.

“We actually worked with Cummins fuel company to develop the training last year,” DiSantis said.

The training provided the necessary fundamental skills for working on electronic engines, including electrical theory, circuits, control systems, multiplexing and more. At Aim we are committed to superior training and invested in the success of all of our employees.

Aim Innovative Technology Highlighted in CCJ Magazine

Commercial Carrier Journal Magazine highlighted Aim in their “Innovators” section of their February, 2013 publication.

CCJ’s article, “Equal Opportunity: Aim NationaLease creates method to ensure technicians use their training,” focuses on Aim’s innovative software program that enables companies to distribute work evenly and repair orders effectively.

John Reed, Chief Information Officer: “We still need to get the two systems (human resources and training module) to talk to each other and Chris DiSantis (Director of Field Training and Technical Support) was able to do that by integrating the new module into our software for fleet maintenance.”

Aim Employees Secure Cummins Certification

Aim’s custom-designed solution for managing vehicle information was featured in the February edition of Commercial Carrier Journal, a leading trade publication.

John Reed, Aim Chief Information Officer: “The system enables drivers to complete their Driver Vehicle Condition Reports, or DVCRs, on a computer screen rather than on paper, so that the information can be recorded, tracked and managed more effectively.”

“With this tool, there is only one version of the truth, and it’s available for our customers to look at whenever they like.”

Aim is a leader in the transportation industry and utilizing the latest technology allows Aim to be both efficient and effective. This is a key factor in ensuring all of our equipment is well maintained at all times.